Gardens in the United States

There are thousands of public gardens large and small throughout the United States. These are the gardens which we have visited and written about for this website. They include all types and sizes of public gardens, from small arboretums in city parks to massive landscapes protected by private foundations.

Gardens by State

Gardens by Name

They are listed alphabetically, but you can also see them on our gardens locator map.

Aldridge Botanical Gardens

Woodland garden at Aldridge Botanical Gardens
With a parade of blooms for every season, Aldridge Botanical Gardens south of Birmingham features one of the top collections of hydrangeas in the Southeast, a legacy to the family that propagated and patented the Snowflake hydrangea.

Alfred B. MacLay Gardens

Italianate Gardens at MacLay Gardens
One of Florida's finest formal gardens, Alfred B. MacLay Gardens contains one of the most impressive and historic camellia collections in the South.

Amarillo Botanical Gardens

Amarillo Botanical Gardens desert plants
An unexpected oasis in the dryness of the Texas Panhandle, the compact Amarillo Botanical Gardens are centered around a humid tropical conservatory.

Bellingrath Gardens

Bellingrath Gardens
With stunning azalea blooms in season and carefully landscaped thematic gardens across 65 acres, Bellingrath Gardens enchants with its beauty and its location.

Dorothy B. Oven Park

Blooms at Dorothy Oven Park
A hidden gem in Tallahassee, Dorothy B. Oven Park is a city park on the former location of the Camellia Nursery of Tallahassee, established in 1919 by one of Florida's earliest camellia growers.

Huntsville Botanical Garden

Woodlands at Huntsville Botanical Gardens
Home to the National Trillium Collection, this mosaic of woodland gardens and formal spaces provide a natural contrast to the adjoining NASA facilities in Alabama's own "Rocket City."

Kalmia Gardens

Kalmia Gardens
A beautiful blend of well-tended gardens and natural woodlands on a high bluff at Coker College, Kalmia Gardens provides both botanical and geologic surprises.

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

Magnolia Gardens
At America's oldest public garden, the romantic gardens of Magnolia Plantation flow through natural woodlands and swamps, with a strong emphasis on azaleas and camellias.

Middleton Place

Camellia allee, Middleton Place
Laid out under a formal landscape architecture plan mirroring European gardens, the gardens of Middleton Place are the oldest of their style in America, started in 1741 by Henry Middleton.

Oak Hill

Gazebo at Oak Hill
Designed by landscape architect Robert Cridland, the gardens surrounding Martha Berry's home at Oak Hill range from formal garden rooms to woodlands ablaze in spring blossoms.

Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden

Pitcher plants in Wilmington NC
For an unparalleled immersion into the weird and wonderful world of carnivorous plants, this natural setting in Wilmington, North Carolina focuses on their delicate beauty.